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2. Methods and innovations

ArchGeoRobot: Automated Archaeo-Geophysical Data Acquisition Using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Lieven Verdonck
p. 219-221


– An unmanned ground vehicle was used to perform an automated GPR survey.

– The robot pulling the GPR surveyed the area without human intervention.

– It remained close to the predefined path, usually with an accuracy better than 5 cm.

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Large progress has been made in geophysical data acquisition and instrumentation. Vehicle-towed platforms, multi-channel arrays, and real-time positioning allow for the survey of large areas at a high spatial resolution. However, data acquisition remains time-consuming for the operator pulling the sensor, pushing the cart, or driving the vehicle. In order to automate geophysical data collection, one possibility is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Several UAV-enabled magnetometers are already commercially available, while tests with drone-borne electromagnetic survey have been conducted (Karoulis et al., 2020). For other geophysical methods such as earth resistance survey, the use of UAVs seems less obvious because the geophysical sensor needs to be in contact with (or very close to) the surface, and because of the restricted payload of UAVs. Although the potential of drone-borne GPR measurements has been demonstrated (Wu et al., 2019), field tests at archaeological sites s...

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Lieven Verdonck, « ArchGeoRobot: Automated Archaeo-Geophysical Data Acquisition Using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle »ArcheoSciences, 45-1 | 2021, 219-221.

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Lieven Verdonck, « ArchGeoRobot: Automated Archaeo-Geophysical Data Acquisition Using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle »ArcheoSciences [En ligne], 45-1 | 2021, mis en ligne le 16 août 2021, consulté le 27 septembre 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Lieven Verdonck

Department of Archaeology, Ghent University, Belgium

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