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Editorial Guidelines for authors


Texts in either French, Spanish, Portuguese or English must be submitted to Artelogie by email ( They also must not have been simultaneously submitted to other journals.

Previously unpublished materials will be submitted to the editorial board. Each article will be subjected to at least two peer reviews by specialists of the relevant field. Peer reviewers may suggest to accept the article, request for the text to be modified, or refuse its publication. If changes are requested, the article will be submitted to the reviewers for a second evaluation.

Text format

Digital manuscripts must be sent in either Microsoft Word (*.doc) or Rich Text (*.rtf) format, with no particular format or customization.

Long citations (more than three lines) must be in a paragraph separate from the text. First names must be fully listedAbbreviations and acronyms must be developed starting from the first citation (for example: United Nations). They are from then on listed without punctuation: the abbreviations in capital letters, and acronyms as proper nouns (Unesco). Italics are reserved to words or phrases in a language other than that of the text. Underlining is not authorised. Each part of the article is preceded by a subtitle, without a number.

The articles must not exceed 50,000 characters, spaces, footnotes and bibliography included. All works must be submitted with:

• a title (which must never end with a full stop or any other form of punctuation) - translated in to one other language.

• at least two abstracts (one in the original language of the text and other in English Spanish or Portuguese) and five keywords in both languages (separated by commas). These abstracts must not be over 200 words. Other abstracts and keywords must be in one of the four languages published by the journal.

• the author’s affiliation and contact information (university, email address) following the author’s name (please note that this never should be in a footnote).

• date, place and names of all members of the doctoral jury for a thesis submitted, in the case of the section “Dissertation excerpts”. The dissertation report with the final grade must also be presented.

All these elements must be listed in the same document as the proposed article.

Works may also be submitted with:

• subtitles, footnotes, bibliographic references without capital letters (except for acronyms);

• bibliographic references for books reviewed according to bibliographic references of the journal (please see below);


Bibliographic references
Guidelines for bibliographic references used by Artelogie are those developed in international standard ISO 690/2010.


Images must be embedded directly in the article file (.doc) and be accompanied by a legend that identifies them.

Please provide authorisation for reproduction and preferably use an iconography free of authors’ rights.

Tables must be embedded directly in the article file (.doc), without formatting.

Graphs (Excel) will be included in the text and must as well be submitted as images, in JPEG format.

For texts including sound material or animated images, links to an archive should be accurately given in the Word document (Internet Archive, medihalDigitalCSIC, youtube, dailymotion etc.).

For all media included in a text, credits must imperatively be listed.

Submissions which do not respect these norms will not be accepted by the journal.

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