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Latin American networks: Synchronicities, Contacts and Divergences.

Deadline for receiving original and unpublished works: March 30, 2019

Latin American networks: Synchronicities, Contacts and Divergences

Organised and coordinated by Andrea Giunta (Universidad de Buenos Aires / Conicet / The University of Texas at Austin) and George Flaherty (The University of Texas at Austin)

Appel à contributions/Llamado a artículos:

Understanding originality and innovation to be proposals that contribute to the interpretation of change and formation of a transnational field, the call to participate in this Artelogie issue explores tensions between the historical avant-gardes of the early twentieth century (both Latin American and European) and the neo-avant-gardes that emerged between 1960 and 1990, approximately, in Latino and Latin American art. To date this relationship is fraught by theoretical and methodological difficulties posed by scholarly literatures that have assessed these phenomena, by no means homogenous or coordinated, largely in terms of derivation and creative exhaustion with regard to hegemonic centers of the art world. This perspective has foreclosed analysis of the historical significance of key moments in postwar art and their critical and innovative potential in comparative terms. The reappearance of collage and assemblage, and of grid and monochromatic painting, to name only a few vanguardist techniques, was a self-reflexive return, offering a critique of postwar societies. Neo-avant-gardes consciously forged formal and informal networks that linked colleagues and strategies beyond their local scenes or nationalist histories. We seek to investigate these synchronicities that emerge from both contact and divergence. Through their critical comparison we expect to produce conceptualizations of postwar art history that generate and invert rather than merely add to global/dominant narratives to date.

This call has three purposes

  1. Juxtapose and develop close case studies (for example, the analysis of a single work based in deep research in the field) to reveal points of contact and divergence between parallel neo-avant-garde artistic scenes in Latin America and other parts of the world.

  2. Propose and discuss theoretical and methodological approaches that contribute to a synchronous historical perspective, that considers contacts and divergences, problematizing comparison as a methodology itself.

  3. Ultimately debate the productivity of this tension between the historical avant-gardes and neo-avant-garde, leaving room for alternative or not yet codified conceptualizations.

- Deadline for receiving original and unpublished works
: June 15, 2019

- Total length of the text: no more than 7500 words, including the title, the biographical data of the authors with their e-mails, the abstract, the text, the footnotes and the bibliographical references.

- Strictly follow the style guide for the Artelogie authors:

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Sending articles: artelogie(at)

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