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Contemporary Cuban cultural production : socio-political and cultural transformations.

Deadline: December 30, 2020

Artelogie invite the submission of original papers focusing on contemporary Cuban cultural production. We particularly encourage multidisciplinary and intersectional approaches examining continuities and ruptures, particularities and generalities in literature, music, cinema, theater, visual and performance arts created by Cubans within and outside of the island, since the 1990s to the present. Besides offering an accurate panorama of contemporary Cuban cultural production, this issue seeks to promote innovative reflections on the present and the future of the Caribbean nation.

The 1990s collapse of the socialist system in East Europe and its subsequent economic crisis; the devastating “Special Period in Times of Peace;” successive migratory waves to the United States and the expansion and diversification of the global Cuban diaspora; the economic and constitutional reforms; the increase of socio-economic, racial, gender, and sexual inequalities have significatively impacted cultural production. This issue seeks to examine how Cuban intellectuals and artists answer these recent socio-political and cultural transformations.

Unpublished papers, no longer than 7000 words -including the title, footnotes and bibliographical references-, must strictly follow Artelogie’s style guide and should be received by December 30, 2020 at

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