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Where do our readers come from?

The number of unique visitors visiting our website has experienced a strong – but uneven – growth since our journal joined its new electronic portal in 2008. In April 2013, our website received 5806 unique visits, as can be seen below:

Unique visitors per month, March 2009 – April 2013

Image 10000201000003B40000023924E80037.png


Our readership has long been dominated by visitors from France and from countries with a large population of French-speaking people such as Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. This, of course, reflects the origins of the journal, created in Switzerland in 2005, and currently managed in Switzerland, Luxembourg and France. However, our efforts to publish in English and to recruit new editors from North America seem to have been paying off: the proportion of readers from France has decreased, from more than 50% in March 2012 to 40% in March 2013. The journal attracts a more international audience, composed of a larger number of non-French speaking countries. About 20% of our web pages are viewed today by readers living in the United States and the United Kingdom (see below).

Proportion of pages seen from the U.S. and the UK, and from France, 2011-13

Image 10000201000003B4000002393C578A6C.png


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