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An annual journal, published by the Institute for research on the Renaissance, the Neo-Classical Age, and the Enlightenment (IRCL-UMR 5186 of CNRS), Arrêt sur scène / Scene Focus invites contributors and readers to reconsider sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth-century European (especially French and English) drama from the perspective of individual scenes or types of scenes. Articles written in English or French may address theoretical or typological issues, propose textual or dramaturgic analyses, study specific scenes on stage, screen, or in the visual arts, scrutinise their editorial history or the context in which they are inscribed.

Previous issues are available on the website of the IRCL-UMR 5186

Latest issue
13 | 2024
Hamlet: The play’s the thing

Edited by Pierre Kapitaniak and Nathalie Rivère de Carles
Arrêt sur scène / Scene Focus 13: Hamlet: The play’s the thing
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The idea for this issue originated in a diptych of conferences: Hamlet ... by the book?, organised by Nathalie Rivère de Carles for the Centre for Anglophone Studies (UR 801, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès) in December in 2022, and Hamlet: The Play’s the Thing, convened by Sarah Hatchuel, Pierre Kapitaniak, and Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin in Montpellier in February 2023 for the Institute for Research on the Renaissance, the Neo-classical Age, and the Enlightenment (IRCL–UMR 5186) and Laboratoire RiRRa21.

Though focusing on the different scenes of the play, the issue follows the tragic pattern from the opening conflict, to various complications, to resolution in death. Its nine articles are both close readings of specific passages of the play, and new takes on the play based on innovative and varied approaches. This ensemble reflects the density of William Shakespeare’s metaphors that each scene harbours in itself echoes of the play as a whole reinforced by the play’s self-reflectiveness articulated beyond the obvious metadramatic devices it contains.

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