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Monique Mémet


ASp, la revue du GERAS was founded in March 1993 at Bordeaux 2 University, France, by Michel Perrin, then President of Groupe d’étude et de recherche en anglais de spécialité (GERAS) – the French English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Academic Society. The first volumes of the journal were all proceedings of papers given at GERAS Conferences or at the ESP Workshop of Société des anglicistes de l’enseignement supérieur (SAES). The articles consisted in the reproductions of the authors’ papers, which can account for the heterogeneous fonts and the irregular layout of some volumes. By and by, M. Perrin who was in charge of the design and the making of the journal was helped by the colleagues who collected the articles once the conferences were over. In 1995, an editing secretariat was created and the position occupied by Hilary Koziol till 2002; the articles were sent to the office on diskettes, then electronically. Improvements in style and layout were added by M. Perrin along the years. For instance the ASp logo appeared as soon as on volume 2 (October 1993). Four years later in 1997, the cover was changed: from a pasted square back cover printed on shiny white paper, it became a matt beige cover printed with burgundy-coloured hues. The inside of the journal, printed on beige paper, was also refurbished; a template was created.


In 2001-2002, the journal changed once more. Through the impetus given by its new senior editor, editor in chief and president of GERAS, Michel Petit, the changes concerned the visual identity of the journal as well as the nature of the articles published. As of volumes 31-33, the articles from conference papers, as well as all articles sent to the journal, were reviewed with a peer double blind policy. The new visual identity of the journal, designed by Mike Colléaux, under the direction of Michel Petit, was implemented from volume 35-36 onwards. The cover, with a pasted square back became less elaborate; it was printed on white matt Balkis paper, with two burgundy-coloured hues. The layout of the journal was also thoroughly redesigned and printed on white paper. The layout became less dense, with Eureka fonts which combine legibility, classicism together with a touch of originality.


In 2007, ASp senior editor became Jean-Claude Bertin then president of GERAS, its editor in chief Michel Van der Yeught; Monique Mémet, assistant editor in chief, was in charge of the making of the journal. The design remained the same as the design refurbished in 2002 except for the font: Eureka font was replaced by Myriad Pro.

March 2013-November 2019

Since March 2013, ASp Senior editor has been GERAS present president, Michel Van der Yeught, Anthony Saber its editor in chief and Marie-Agnès Détourbe the assistant editor in chief. Apart from the senior editor, the editor in chief and the assistant editor in chief, the editorial board includes Monique Mémet in charge of ASp electronic edition; she is also in charge of making the paper edition of the journal. Since 2015, Philippe Milot has been in charge of the Book Review section. In 2018, Valérie Braud became the head of the section entitled Teaching Practices in ESP.

Since December 2019

Apart from ASp Senior Editor, Michel Van der Yeught, the editorial committee includes Anthony Saber, editor in chief, Philippe Millot, the assistant editor in chief, Cédric Sarré in charge of the Book Review section, as well as Valérie Braud in charge of Teaching Practices in ESP. Monique Mémet is in charge of ASp electronic edition; she is also in charge of making the paper edition of the journal.

Articles, fields and approaches

In all since 1993, 546 articles, 45 editorials, forewords or introductions as well as 82 book reviews have been published. From no 15-18 (1997) till the new policy of the journal (2001, see above), there were two kinds of articles: those that had been approved by the editorial committee and the others. Volumes 7 to 11 also include teaching experience reports, in other words 73 more texts than the 532 articles mentioned above. For the 1997-2001 period, only those articles approved by the editorial committee have been put on line on <>.

The themes and approaches of the study of English for Specific Purposes are diverse and varied. The fields mentioned in the articles are as follows (in decreasing order): sciences and techniques, computer and technology, medicine, economics, advertising and marketing, finance, law and business. Other – less numerous – articles deal with the following fields: the military, cinema, administration, art and geology. Finally, in a larger group, articles deal with various fields.

ESP is studied from various approaches: linguistics, didactics and pedagogy, as well as cultural studies. Articles in the Linguistics category include articles dealing with syntax analysis, discourse analysis, stylistics, phraseology, genre analysis, lexicology, terminology and translation. Articles in the Didactics and Pedagogy category include articles which deal with theory and practices, as well as teaching/learning LSP with technologies (television, video, software, multimedia laboratories…). The third category includes articles dealing with specialised culture (bank, advertising…); it is closely linked to what French English studies call civilisation.


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