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Inaugurating a new section in ASp: Teaching Practices in ESP

Whereas English for specific purposes (ESP) is now a recognised, legitimate scientific field of research, ESP as a professional practice in higher education still lacks benchmarks for quality teaching. To meet this need, ASp is launching a new section entitled “Teaching Practices in ESP”, based on a selection of reports drawn from actual teaching experiences.

For this first call of papers, we will venture a hyperbole and say that some activities or teaching tasks devised by ESP instructors are real pedagogical gems which truly deserve to be collected in this journal, then broadly disseminated.

This section is open to all ESP instructors, whatever their positions in their respective institutions. It aims to highlight the teaching profession from a “hands-on” perspective by publishing remarkable teaching practices, which is the reason why its format differs from that expected for research articles.

Instructions for authors

About 4,000 words, laid out as a teaching report. Each report should include the following items:

  1. Context: Form (class or distance-learning), students’ level (undergraduate, graduate…), number of students, institution, class and course duration, course title…

  2. Objectives, intended learning outcomes

  3. Course design

  4. Assessment of learning outcomes – if applicable

  5. Assessment of the programme – impact on students, motivation, completion of expected goals, lessons learned, methodological improvements needed…

  6. List of references used – if applicable

  7. Appendices (extracts of students’ assignments, exercises, etc.) – if applicable


The teaching practices described may include

  • Teaching – or parts of – tools dedicated to teaching, learning ESP;

  • Examples of classes or pedagogical activities;

  • Evaluation or certification practices;

  • And any other practice likely to be of interest to ESP instructors and researchers.

Submission format

Send your proposals all year round to <>.

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