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The Bookman

The Evening Post (Melbourne, 18 décembre 1915)

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Anon., « The Bookman – ‘The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life: a Study in Religious Sociology.’ By Emile Durkheim, Professor of the Faculty of Letters at the University of Paris (translated by J.W. Swain). London: George Allen and Unwin », The Evening Post (Melbourne), 90 (147), 18 December 1915, p. 16

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  • 1 [L’auteur cite ici intégralement le résumé fourni par l’éditeur.]

1This book, which was published soon after the outbreak of war, was written before the Kaiser’s Huns gave their lessons in Christianity as made in Germany. The work was complete before the world witnessed Germany’s Gottstrafing, culturing and hymn-hating (or hate-hymning). No doubt, if a second edition of the volume is issued, the author will have a chapter or two on the German interpretation of Scriptures. The publishers’ note indicates the features of the book thus: - “By a study of the most elementary forms of the religious life which we know, Professor Durkheim attempts to throw some light upon the nature of religion in general. In the course of this study of its origins we are led to see profoundly social character of religion; it is characterised by that which is sacred, and this is shown to be that which is pre-eminently social. The second part of the work is devoted to a study of the primitive cult and to an exposition of its social meaning and importance. Going further, M. Durkheim points out the religious origin of the other great forms of social activity, and in particular of philosophic thought. Even the categories of thought themselves are, as he shows, of religious and consequently of social origin.”[1] This is a comparatively modest summary of a book which embodies years of patient, diligent research and brilliant thought by a master mind.

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1 [L’auteur cite ici intégralement le résumé fourni par l’éditeur.]

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Anon., « The Bookman », The Evening Post (Melbourne), 90 (147), 18 December 1915, p. 16.

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Anon., « The Bookman  », Archives de sciences sociales des religions [En ligne], La première réception des Formes (1912-1917) (S. Baciocchi, F. Théron, eds.), II, mis en ligne le 27 février 2013, consulté le 17 octobre 2019. URL :

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