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The American Journal of Nursing (Philadelphie, septembre 1916)
Ednah M. Cameron

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Cameron (M. Ednah), « Book Reviews – The Elementary Forms of Religious Life. By Emile Durkheim, Professor of the Faculty of Letters at the University of Paris. Translated from the French by Joseph Ward Swain, M.A. The Macmillan Co., New York. Price $2 [sic] », The American Journal of Nursing (Philadelphia), 16 (12), September 1916, p. 1248-1249

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1[1249] By way of variety we offer the present volume as a most interesting and instructive study of religious sociology. The history of the human race has a fascination for its present members and no part of this history is more fascinating than the earliest forms of religious life. Wherever a unit of human society has existed the need for religion has declared itself, making a dividing line between things sacred and profane. These elementary forms of religion are still in existence among the aborigines of Australia and America and would seem to grow out of the need of social control primarily, the rites and ceremonies which attach themselves to religion being of later outgrowth and expressive of the controlling spiritual power which primitive peoples worship in one form or another.

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Cameron M. Ednah, « Book Reviews », The American Journal of Nursing (Philadelphia), 16 (12), September 1916, p. 1248-1249.

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Ednah M. Cameron, « Book Reviews  », Archives de sciences sociales des religions [En ligne], La première réception des Formes (1912-1917) (S. Baciocchi, F. Théron, eds.), II, mis en ligne le 27 février 2013, consulté le 14 octobre 2019. URL :

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