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The journal Archives de sciences sociales des religions, whose editorial board met on 4 February 2020, after consultation with the members of the committee who were absent at that meeting, expresses its solidarity with the ongoing mobilizations against pension reform and reforms of higher education and research. We call for support and participation in these mobilizations.

The journal supports the motion published on 17 January by the CPCN of the CNRS "on the expected provisions of the LPPR" and relays this motion on its website.

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Founded in 1956 under the auspices of the CNRS, the journal Archives de Sociologie des Religions became in 1973 Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions. It is published by Éditions de l’EHESS.

The journal publishes articles reflecting the most advanced research in this field, both in France and abroad, in French, English, and Spanish.
The journal has three main goals:

to promote a comparative perspective, extended to all religions, and all cultural areas ;

to encourage cooperation of all social sciences for the purpose of informing about the multifaceted religious phenomenon;

to emphasize the presentation of methodological and theoretical reflections on the objects of research.

The collection of the Archives de sciences sociales des religions (1956-1999) is available on Persée; recent issues are accessible via Cairn; issues from 2000 to d - 2 years are available on OpenEdition Journals.

Latest issue
189 | janvier-mars 2020
Religions en Iran

Religions in Iran
Religiones en Irán
Religioni in Iran
Edited by Sabrina Mervin and Sepideh Parsapajouh

The official religion and political ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran since the revolution of 1979 have produced a wide repertoire of religious ideas and practices. However, beyond the apparent uniformity of the representations that have been given, a plurality of religious facts have emerged. This dossier, "Religions in Iran", proposes to explore them in investigations which are divided into two parts: the first concerns the majority and official religion, duodecimal Shi'ism, and the second broadens the subject to the margins of Shi'ism and to other confessions, Sunnism and Mandeism.
"Religions in Iran" is the result of exchanges and meetings conducted for several years with Iranian researchers in order to compare points of view and establish a dialogue between different scientific practices. These research practices are linked to the conditions of knowledge production of each other. They are also the result of intellectual traditions in the field of human and social sciences, and of the conversation that takes place between them. The whole constitutes a composite picture of practices within a society torn between hyper-traditionalism and hyper-modernity, between official religion and the arts of doing to reinvent religion.

  • Introduction

    • Sabrina Mervin and Sepideh Parsapajouh
      The Social Sciences of Religion in Iran: Intersecting Perspectives
      Las ciencias sociales de la religión en Irán: una confrontación de puntos de vista
      Le scienze sociali della religione in Iran: incrociare punti di vista
  • Pluralités au sein du chiisme

    Pluralities within Shiism
    Pluralidades en el Shiismo
    Pluralità all'interno dello sciismo
  • Pluralités en marge

    Pluralities on the fringe
    Pluralidades en los márgenes
    Pluralità ai margini
    • Behnaz Khosravi
      Nouvelles spiritualités en Iran [Abstract | Restricted access]
      Des consommatrices en quête de bonheur, de perfection et d’ascension sociale
      New forms of spirituality in Iran: Muslim consumers seeking out non-ordinary experiences
      Nuevas espiritualidades en Irán: consumidoras en búsqueda de felicidad, de perfección y de ascenso social
      Nuove spiritualità in Iran. Delle consumatrici in cerca di felicità, perfezione e ascensione sociale
    • Stéphane Dudoignon
      L’orthodoxie comme contreculture [Abstract | Restricted access]
      Les renouveaux sunnites en Iran depuis les années 1970 et l’instrumentation des discours religieux dominants
      Orthodoxy as a counterculture. Sunni revivals in Iran since the 1970s and the instrumentation of dominant religious discourses
      La ortodoxia como contracultura. Las renovaciones sunitas en Irán desde los años ‘70 y la instrumentación de los discursos dominantes
      L'ortodossia come controcultura. I rinnovamenti sunniti in Iran a partire dagli anni '70 e l'arrangiamento dei discorsi religiosi dominanti
    • Hawzhin Baghali
      Passé soufi, présent islamiste ? [Abstract | Restricted access]
      Une sociohistoire des politisations de l’islam au Kurdistan d’Iran
      Sufi past, Islamist present? A social history of the politicisations of Islam in Iranian Kurdistan
      ¿Pasado sufí, presente islamista? Una socio-historia de las politizaciones del islam en el Kurdistán de Irán
      Passato sufi, presente islamista? Una storia sociale delle politicizzazioni dell'Islam nel Kurdistan iraniano
    • Mehrdad Arabestani
      Cosmologie, identité et rituels liés à l’alimentation chez les Mandéens
      La cosmología, la identidad y los rituales relacionados con la comida entre los mandeos
      Cosmologia, identità e rituali legati al cibo tra i Mandei
  • Épilogue

  • Fac-similé du n° 189 | janvier-mars 2020 (application/pdf – 7.7M)
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