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The Parliament of the 157 journals, including Archives de sciences sociales des religions, denounces the LPR (Research Planning Law), passed by the National Assembly and the Senate, which profoundly modifies research and higher education institutions in the sense of their greater subordination to political power. The Parliament of the 157 journals therefore calls on future candidates for the upcoming republican elections to engage in a process of consultation with Higher Education and Research in order to rewrite a law that is beneficial to all and frees research and higher education from the harmful traps of hypercompetition to which the current law condemns them.


Founded in 1956 under the auspices of the CNRS, the journal Archives de Sociologie des Religions became in 1973 Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions. It is published by Éditions de l’EHESS.

The journal publishes articles reflecting the most advanced research in this field, both in France and abroad, in French, English, and Spanish.
The journal has three main goals:

to promote a comparative perspective, extended to all religions, and all cultural areas ;

to encourage cooperation of all social sciences for the purpose of informing about the multifaceted religious phenomenon;

to emphasize the presentation of methodological and theoretical reflections on the objects of research.

The collection of the Archives de sciences sociales des religions (1956-1999) is available on Persée; recent issues are accessible via Cairn; issues from 2000 to d - 2 years are available on OpenEdition Journals.

Latest issue
192 | octobre-décembre 2020
Bulletin bibliographique

Bibliographical bulletin
Boletín bibliográfico
Bollettino bibliografico

Our journal has long been attentive to the work of Jacques Le Brun, as the previous "Bulletin bibliographique" (no. 188) testified, and it recalls the work of this great master of the history of Christian spirituality and institutions in modern times, who has recently passed away.
Within "The Workshop of the Social Sciences of Religion", three articles look at Wiktor Stoczkowski's book, La science sociale comme vision du monde. Émile Durkheim et le mirage du salut (Gallimard, 2019). If the book has been positively reviewed by the press, numerous objections have been raised by some specialists. Thus, this work is an opportunity for a thoughtful and critical return to the Durkheimian tradition and its rereadings.
Five "critical notes" lead the reader from secularism and the management of religious otherness in France, the Maghreb and Quebec, to Hinduism and the "Chinese religion", through the issues of autobiography in the social sciences of religions.
Three "cross-readings" are devoted to Pierre Lassave's latest book, La sociologie des religions (Éditions de l'EHESS, 2019). Finally, more than one hundred reviews attest to the editorial vitality of the social sciences of religions and their openness to the social sciences as a whole.
This issue thus testifies to the Archives' fidelity to a long-term conviction: scientific publishing is a space for encounters, controversy, and dialogue, which is even more precious in the times we live in.

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