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Founded in 1956 under the auspices of the CNRS, the journal Archives de Sociologie des Religions became in 1973 Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions. It is published by Éditions de l’EHESS.

The journal publishes articles reflecting the most advanced research in this field, both in France and abroad, in French, English, and Spanish.
The journal has three main goals:

to promote a comparative perspective, extended to all religions, and all cultural areas ;

to encourage cooperation of all social sciences for the purpose of informing about the multifaceted religious phenomenon;

to emphasize the presentation of methodological and theoretical reflections on the objects of research.

The collection of the Archives de sciences sociales des religions (1956-1999) is available on Persée; recent issues are accessible via Cairn; issues from 2000 to d - 2 years are available on OpenEdition Journals.

Latest issue
186 | avril-juin 2019
Conversions à l’islam, culture et religion : tensions et articulations

The issue of religious conversions has long been the subject of particular investment in the social sciences of religions. Because it is generally experienced by actors as an experience at the heart of intimacy, we have sought to show its collective determinants, to identify its formal regularities, to put its narratives. The result of a conference organized at Sciences Po Paris in February 2016, this dossier focuses on conversions to Islam with a close look at the field, from the Netherlands to Australia, including the United Kingdom and France. Conversion and gender, conversion and ethnicity, conversion and globalization, conversion and politics, also serve as a basis for further reflection on the relationship between religion and culture, and on the symbolic struggles that arise from the social construction of this relationship. In the "Varia" section, a first article is devoted to the "revision of life", a spiritual practice that has held a central place in the history of Catholic Action youth movements in the 20th century. The second explores B. R. Ambedkar's contribution to the 1951 Indian parliamentary controversies on the definition of the Hindu legal category and its extension to other communities.

  • Conversions à l’islam, culture et religion : tensions et articulations

  • Varia

    • Anthony Favier
      La révision de vie [Abstract | Restricted access]
      Une pratique religieuse méconnue au cœur du catholicisme français
      Life revision. An Unrecognized Religious Practice at the Heart of French Catholicism
      La revisión de vida. Una práctica religiosa desconocida en el corazón del catolicismo francés
    • Catherine Clémentin-Ojha
      La contribution de B. R. Ambedkar à son règlement politique (1951)
      The Question of the Definition of Hindu Identity: the Contribution of B. R. Ambedkar to its Political Settlement
      La cuestión de la definición de la identidad hindú. La contribución de B.R. Ambedkar a una solución política (1951)
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