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33 | 2009
La relation ethnographique, terrains et textes

Mélanges offerts à Raymond Jamous
The Ethnographic Relationship, Fields and Texts: Miscellanea Offered to Raymond Jamous
Edited by Frédérique Fogel and Isabelle Rivoal

 This issue is a collection of speeches presented at a conference organised by the LESC (February 2007) to consider two aspects of ethnography: the ethnographic relationship as a particular component of the ethnologist’s modus operandi, and ethnographic data as a condition for the construction of ethnographic knowledge.
 Whether immediate or constructed, alterity shapes every ethnographic relationship. The ethnologist’s alterity provokes a reaction from the society. To move beyond the anecdotal and to make comparisons, researchers ask themselves: How did the initial contact go? What place(s) and what role(s) did the society assign them? At what level (family, friendship, ritual, etc.)? At which moment and in what way did they perceive it? And how did they “work on their role”, either respecting or ignoring the assignation?
 For some, this introspective reconsideration long after the event reveals the fluctuating conditions of the field experience —its successes as well as its failures. It is ultimately a matter of analysing the modalities that govern how the ethnographic relationship conditions the choice and development of analytical perspectives.

 Contributors: Michèle Baussant, Katia Boissevain, Baptiste Buob, Laurence Caillet, Dominique Casajus, Frédérique Fogel, Olivier Herrenschmidt, Michael Houseman, Nicolas Journet, Christine Jungen, Gérard Lenclud, Charles Malamoud, Antoinette Molinié, Claire Cécile Mitatre, Emmanuelle Novello, Simonne Pauwels, Anne-Marie Peatrik, Anna Poujeau, Élise Prébin, Isabelle Rivoal, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Lizana, Lucien Scubla, Romain Simenel, Anne-Christine Taylor

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