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41 | 2015
Entre cosmopolitisme, trajectoires et subjectivités

Moments partagés avec Gilberto Velho
Between cosmopolitanism, trajectories and subjectivities: moments shared with Gilberto Velho
Edited by Fabienne Wateau and Joaquim Pais de Brito

Not long before he passed away, Gilberto Velho, known for his studies on the city, was still examining the scope of the notion of cosmopolitanism in anthropology. He advocated placing more emphasis on the idea of mediation as a socio-anthropological phenomenon, encouraging exploration of the figure of the mediator, that is to say examination of the so-called cosmopolitan individual through his or her activity, life story, trajectories and itineraries. This collection of articles attempts to fulfil his wish. It nevertheless deals with quite different subjects, at a various scales. Some texts consider personalities, “singular individuals who interpret and reinvent culture”; others take a different perspective, examining an artefact’s role as an intercessor, or the role of an industry. In light of one same proposition, this volume takes up the challenge of identifying figures of mediation, offering a fairly complex and varied pallet of its possibilities.
Contributors : Alessandra Siqueira Barreto, Julia O’Donnell, Rogéria Campos de Almeida Dutra, Teresa Fradique, Inês Ponte, Rosa Maria Perez, Gilberto Velho, Fabienne Wateau

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