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Ateliers d’anthropologie is an online thematic journal with a review committee. Open to subjects focused on ethnographic studies combining theoretical innovations and precise observations, the journal publishes anthropology in the making. Since it is published online, it allows authors to include any supporting information and multimedia sources.

Latest issue
44 | 2017
Shopping malls : l'avènement de la modernité ?

Shopping malls: the advent of modernity?
Edited by Laure Assaf and Sylvaine Camelin
Shopping malls : l'avènement de la modernité ?
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Credits : Cliché Sylvaine Camelin

Although the concept of shopping malls emerged in the United States during the postwar period, they are undergoing a rapid development that shows no signs of slowing down, always reproducing the same general organization, though their form varies according to the period and location.
Initially linked to the notion of modernity as conceived in the West during the interwar period, the shopping mall gradually freed itself from this context. Conceived concomitantly with urban development, these commercial spaces constitute a particularly relevant subject of study for understanding the evolution of cities and the ways in which urban space is occupied and segregated around the world. The eight contributions in this collection therefore explore the particular sites known as shopping malls, from the point of view not only of their conception, but also of their evolutions, the ways they are used and appropriated, as well as the consumption practices and forms of sociability they generate.

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