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About the BAGF

The BAGF (Bulletin de l’Association de géographes français) is a quarterly journal that gives priority to thematic issues, so as to foster deeper dialogue between scientific approaches. Each contribution is generally submitted during seminars made by the AGF, which help the authors to receive a first feedback. Another scientific and epistemological position of the journal is to solicit, at the same time, advanced researchers as well as young ones, so that they can compare and share their analyses, first verbally, then in writing.

The historical depth of the BAGF’s collection provides an important insight into the development of Research in Geography over almost a Century. Initially conceived as a simple information bulletin of the Association, the BAGF has been transformed through the constant renewal of its editorial board into a real mirror of its scientific field, with a good balance between regional, human and environmental Geography.

For several years, the journal is also aimed at a teaching audience, since it has expanded its scope to the themes of the French secondary school teaching competitions. The BAGF works alongside the CNFG (French Geographical National Committee) and releases issues coming from joint sessions.

Finally, the BAGF has now considered the building of an European research network by publishing selected contributions in English and inviting foreign external reviewers, who take part to the evaluation of the texts on a double-blind basis.

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