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In 1873, 27 years after its creation, the École française d’Athènes created the Institute of Hellenic Correspondence “bringing together the facts relating to the history, language and ancient artefacts of the Greek people”. Such an institute required a Bulletin, and at the end of January 1877, the first issue of the Bulletin de Correspondance hellénique was published.

The Institute’s founder, Albert Dumont, had very ambitious aims: “I thought that it would be sensible to centralize all the works and discoveries coming out of the Hellenic East, to advance our understanding of them and to make them known. The nature of this journal will be to accept only articles which bring to light new facts or monuments. The papers, within their own fields, must be flawless. Serious progress can only be achieved by publishing perfection”.

The journal has never drifted from its great founding principles. For nearly one hundred and fifty years, the Bulletin de Correspondance hellénique has been essential to anyone dealing with ancient Greece.

The journal is published by the École française d’Athènes.

Issues are freely available on the Cefael website, volumes 1 to 124 (from 1877 to 2000); on the Persee website, volumes 1 to 134 (from 1877 to 2010); on the Gallica website, volumes 1 to 59 (from 1877 to 1935).

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