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Information for invited editors

Procedure for the submission of a proposal

The invited editors are kindly requested to submit their proposal for a future issue and to address all inquiries to

The proposal must be sent no later than one year before the desired date of publication and must include: a title, the name(s) of the invited editor(s), their academic affiliation and field of research; a short text highlighting the originality of the proposal, its inclusion in the state of research and its adequacy with the scope and aims of the review; a table of contents; an outline and/ or an abstract of each article; an estimate of the date of submission of all texts.

The proposal is then sent for anonymous approval to the BCHmc Editorial Board. The Editorial Office informs the invited editors of the result of this procedure.

NB: The journal only accepts original articles. The publication of articles printed elsewhere in whole or in part in another language is exceptionally accepted under two conditions: the original language of the article is not English and the acceptance of the article is subject to the approval of the Editorial Board. Moreover, the journal does not publish conference proceedings. A colloquium may provide the starting point for proposing a thematic issue, but the articles that will be featured in the latter must meet the requirements of high-level scientific publications.

Submission of the thematic issue

Once the proposal for a thematic issue has been approved, the invited editors transmit to the authors the style sheet, the typographical and bibliographical instructions of the journal, the date of receipt of the texts. The editors ensure that the instructions are respected and that the first version of the articles is sent on time.

Furthermore, they carry out a first evaluation of the articles and validate their submission, or return them to the authors with comments if need be.

At the end of this stage, the invited editors submit the (possibly revised) texts and their abstracts to the Editorial Office of the BCHmc, which is responsible for anonymizing them.


Editors (and authors) are invited to follow the downloadable editorial guidelines in the PDF format Fiches pratiques (, especially editorial and bibliographic rules.

A double blind peer review

The Editorial Office communicates only with the invited editors, not with the authors, and initiates the process of a double blind peer review. It relays the ensuing evaluations to the editors who then send them to the authors. Publication ethics (

The evaluation phase may involve a more consequential correspondence.

Deposit of the issue at the Publications service

Once the revised and final version of all articles is submitted to the Editorial Office, the entire issue is sent to the Publications service for corrections and encoding. If necessary, invited editors and authors can be contacted at this stage to agree to the editing of their text.

Publication on the BCHmc Open Edition website

The final versions are encoded by the Publications service. Prior to the publication of the issue on the BCHmc OpenEdition site, invited editors and authors have the opportunity to review the articles for possible encoding-only issues. At this point, no additions or changes (beyond typos) can be made.

Once the thematic issue is officially launched, the authors will receive from the Publications service a document containing information about their article and a link to the electronic version of their text. They can use this document to disseminate their publication in various ways (CV, institutional websites, personal pages, etc.).

NB: Authors should take care not to distribute their articles on platforms, such as Academia and Researchgate.


From the submission of all texts to the Editorial Office, the following deadlines apply:

- Assessment phase: 3 to 4 months

- Revision of texts by the authors after the double blind peer review: 1 month

- Possible second validation by the evaluators: 2 weeks

- Submission of the issue to the Publications service of the EfA for corrections: 2 months before publication

- Access to the encoded version not yet made public: 1 week.

Reminder: The BCHmc is a biannual electronic journal published in April and November.

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