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Dominique Bourel
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1The diversity of the articles in this volume of the Bulletin is an excellent reflection of Center activities. It aims at providing all CNRS and university social sciences researchers focusing on Israel, forms of Judaism, and the Near East the opportunity to investigate, make contacts and study in as wide a range of fields as possible.

2Mireille Loubet, on assignment from the IREMAN (Institut de recherches et d’études sur le monde arabe et musulman, Aix en Provence) who lived for an extended period of time in Cairo, describes her survey on a Sufi type of Jewish pietism, a key feature in the understanding of the text she is currently editing and translating. Sylvie Anne Goldberg (EHESS-CRFJ), who has published a remarkable book1 on Jewish temporality, presents a summary of her work. By analyzing the Arab citizens of Israel, Laurence Louër (on CRFJ scholarship) sheds light on a group which has long been ignored, and which deserves special attention. Nelly Zilber (CRFJ) continues her accurate surveys of mental health in Israeli society.

3François Laplanche (CNRS) a regular guest of the Center, has drawn up a typology of journeys to the Holy Land, based on a lecture given at the École Biblique et Archéologique Française, with whom we have close ties. Vincent Lemire (Aix-Marseille) takes a new look at the classic issue of water in Jerusalem with his ample knowledge of Ottoman culture2. Finally, Laurence Podselver (EHESS) has written a book review of the second annual volume of the Mélanges du CRFJ, which, as is customary, was edited jointly with an Israeli colleague.

4After a long and fruitful stay, Dominique Trimbur (on scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then the CRFJ) has left us, and has been replaced by Cédric Parisot who is finishing his Ph.D. on the Bedouins of the Negev. An archeologist, Laure Dubreuil, is the recipient of the Lavoisier scholarship, awarded last year to the geographer William Berthomière, the author of a superb Ph.D.3 and who has just been selected for the CNRS (Migriter). Along with Lisa Anteby (CRFJ) he has organized an international conference on “2000 Years of Diaspora” with the department of political science of the Hebrew University (October 23-25) which will be described in the next volume of the Bulletin.

5To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Jean Perrot excavations and hence the birth of the CRFJ, the Center will hold a major international conference in January 2002 entitled “Holy Land and Land of Sciences” whose goal is to commemorate the key dates in scientific rediscovery in the region since the nineteenth century. We hope to associate former members of the various archeological missions in a reflection on the future of our institution in an environment which is changing before our eyes.

6I would like once again to express my thanks to the cultural service of the French Embassy in Israel, headed by Serge Sobezynski, for its assistance, as well as to Eva Telkes for the production of this Bulletin.

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1 La Clepsydre. Essai sur la pluralité des temps dans le judaisme, Paris, Albin Michel, 2000, 394 p.
2 He is the author of a DEA, Jérusalem 1850-1948. Cosmopolitisme, communautarisme, citadinité. Une société urbaine entre lieux de mémoires et enjeux de pouvoirs. Aix Marseille I, juin 1999, under the direction of Prof. Robert Ilbert.
3 Israël et l’immigration. Les Juifs d'ex-URSS, acteurs des enjeux territoriaux et identitaires. Université de Poitiers, décembre 1999, under the direction of Prof. Gildas Simon.
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Dominique Bourel

Director of the CRFJ

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