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Dominique Bourel
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1The diversity of this Bulletin is a perfect illustration of the range of activity within the UMR (Mixed Research Unit), which has just been renewed for a four-year period.

2The Center has been honored by the visit of a number of dignitaries including Mrs. Marie-Claude Maurel, Director of the SHS (Social Sciences and Society) Department of the CNRS, Françoise Pierre, its Secretary General, his honor the Ambassador François Nicoullaud, Director General of the DGCID (International Cooperation and Development Service), and lastly Michel Foucher, Director of the CAP (Analysis and Forecasting Division) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3Jean Baumgarten – who spent three years in the Center – gives us an overview of his new research in his field of Yiddish culture where he is now considered to be one of the leading specialists of his generation.

4Jeffrey Barash, on assignment from the CNRS, after having been the Head of the Philosophy Department of the University of Amiens, presents one facet of his work on modern day German political philosophers opposed to fascism, with an analysis of the positions of Heller, Cassirer and Löwith.

5The Center continues to fulfill its role in assisting scholars, who in turn have provided us with papers in the fields in which they excel. We are pleased to include contributions by Marc Olivier Baruch, whose major work is familiar to everyone1, Florent Brayard whose volume on Rassinier2 is considered to be the authority, and Madalina Vartejanu whose doctoral thesis on Madness in the Bible is awaited eagerly.

6The Bulletin also includes an account of the second conference of the cycle “France, Europe and Palestine 1977-1948” dealing with the period from1917 to 1948. The next issue of the Bulletin will include a report on the “The Young Leo Strauss” conference (24-26 January, 2000) organized in conjunction with EHESS and the Franz Rosenzweig Center of the Hebrew University, with considerable support from the French Embassy in Tel Aviv to whom we express our gratitude for their backing.

7We are delighted to welcome new additions to our team: the Lavoisier scholarship award recipient, the demographer-anthropologist William Berthomière, Mrs. Mireille Loubet, a specialist in Judeo-Arabic, and Laurence Louër (on scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) who works on Israeli Arabs.

8We wish them a fruitful stay at the Center.

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1 Servir l'État français, l'administration en France de 1940 à 1944, Paris, Fayard, 1997.
2 Comment l'idée vint à M. Rassinier. Naissance du révisionnisme, Paris, Fayard, 1996.
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Dominique Bourel

Director of the CRFJ

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