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International Conference “2000 Years of Diasporas”

October 23-25, 2000, Jerusalem
p. 135-136

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1The conference “2000 Years of Diasporas” aims at exploring the concept of diaspora by adopting a critical approach of its diverse readings. This meeting will focus on a methodological and theoretical reflection on the construction of the notions of exile and return; on the representations of “the homeland”, imaginary or real; and on the fate of diasporas when assimilation and integration are variables that shape their future characters.

2To carry out this interdisciplinary project, we are directing our call for papers to anthropologists, sociologists, geographers, political scientists, but also historians and economists in such a way that an array of disciplines can present its approaches and its representations of the notion of diaspora.

3Sessions will focus on the evolution of classical diasporas (Armenians, Jews, Greeks...), the emergence of new diasporas (Maghrebian, Russian, or Japanese for example), transnational networks (such as Chinese, Turkish, or African diasporas), collective memory and the relations to the homeland (e.g. Palestinians, Tibetans, Gypsies) and the role of diasporas in global cities.

4Main Topics selected for the Conference “2000 Years of Diasporas”:

  • Sociopolitical Recompositions and Emergence of New Diasporas

  • Diasporas and Transnational Networks

  • Nation-States and Diaporas : Conflict or Cooperation?

  • Collective Memory and Virtual Communities in Diasporic Space

  • Identity Constructs and Relations to the Homeland

  • Role of Diasporas in the Context of Global Cities

  • Decline of Diasporas and Return to the Homeland

5This conference is organized by Lisa Anteby (Centre de recherche rrançais de Jérusalem), William Berthomière (CRFJ-Migrinter) and Prof. Gabriel Sheffer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The scientific committee is compozed by the organisers and Ch. Benayoun (équipe Diasporas, CNRS), M. Bruneau (équipe Tide, CNRS), E. Ma Mung (équipe Migrinter, CNRS); A. Levy (Ben Gurion University), Y. Shain (Tel Aviv university), J. Shuval (Hebrew University of JerusaIem)and S. Hanafi (CEDEJ), R. Muenz (Humboldt University).

6Deadline for abstracts : July 1st 2000

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