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Dominique Bourel
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1This new issue of the Bulletin presents our regular update of Center activities.

2The Center put a great deal of energy into the organization of the conference “Voyages de l'intelligence: Cultural Transfer” (March 21-23, 1999) which was held on Mount Scopus and organized jointly with the Franz Rosenzweig Center of the Hebrew University and CNRS-UMR 8547. A report on the conference is presented here. It testifies to the ways in which the Center serves as a forum for the presentation of research conducted in France and the application of the findings to the history of Palestine and Israël.

3Under the heading of Current Research, Catherine Nicault, on assignment to the CRFJ writes on her continuing investigations within the framework of our joint project “France and Palestine 1799-1945”. Véronique Meimoun, on a fellowship from the MAE, presents an overview of the archives in Israël, a particularly controversial topic given the upheavals in historiography of a country which has just celebrated its fiftieth birthday. Nelly Zilber, a Center researcher, discusses some of her work on immigrants from the former Soviet Union. This is the subject of a book by Danielle Storper-Perez published in our series and reviewed in this issue.

4As a continuation of the conference held in 1998 (see Bulletin # 3, pp. 163-166) MAE fellowship recipient Dominique Trimbur reports on the regular conference programs he organizes and details of the round table to be held on June 7,1999.

5Lastly, François Laplanche, honorary research director on regular assignment in Jerusalem, summarizes his findings on the history of the interpretation of the Bible in France between 1900 and 1970, complementing his remarkable work on the subject.1

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1 La Bible en France entre mythe et critique., Paris, Albin Michel, 1994.
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Dominique Bourel

Director of the CRFJ

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