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Dominique Bourel
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1The second issue of the Bulletin du CRFJ presents, as expected, some of the research conducted in the frame of the Center. This Center has seen its team modified because we have had the pleasure to welcome Mrs. Véronique Renaud Mimoun, allocataire of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs who is finishing a study on the historiography of modern Israel, as well as Mrs. Georgette Bensimon Choukroun, coming from the Lacito, on leave from education in order to pursue her investigations in the domain of linguistics.

2From prehistory to the most recent period, researchers elaborate projects which require their presence in Jerusalem, either because of the existence of the community of specialists or archives, or because of their excavations.

3Jacques Emmanuel Bernard benefited from the presence of a group from the École Biblique et Archéologique Française which was preparing the French edition of the Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus. Eva Telkes presents the model of her prosopographical inquiry on the professors of the Hebrew University, applying a methodology already well established in France1 to the case of Jerusalem. The result of this inquiry will be published as a volume in the series of the CRFJ. One will read also a review of a dense book in Hebrew dedicated specifically to the history of this university, a field still greatly unexplored in the country. In the framework of a project of the Center concerning the relationships between France and the Holy Land between 1799 and 1948, Dominique Trimbur relates the eventful life of a consul of France in Jerusalem. This project will also take advantage of Catherine Nicault's participation. A specialist of Zionism in France, she will focus more specifically on the subject of the available archives in France related to these relationships. Two conferences on this theme are scheduled. The first one (in November 1998 in Jerusalem) will concern the long 19th century, the second one (in Aix-en-Provence in 1999) the Mandatory Period.

4Renewing the experience of last year, Yohanan Lederman, who is preparing a doctorate at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (School of High Studies in Social Sciences), leads a monthly seminar aiming at bringing together researchers of the Center and Israeli colleagues. Last year the seminar focused on an 18th century commentary of the Bible. This year the seminar concerns the rabbi-traveler Haim Yossef David Azulai (1724-1806).

5For the first time, with the paper by Léa Marcou, the Bulletin bears witness to an enterprise carried out in Israel which is of interest to French colleagues. From now on, each issue will include a presentation of Israeli research groups or archives close to the concerns of some teams of the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/National Scientific Research Organization).

6Once again, the ambassador of France in Israel and his cultural service have brought their decisive support to the publication and the distribution of the Bulletin. May they find here the expression of our gratitude.

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1 Christophe Charle, Les professeurs de la Faculté des lettres de Paris, dictionnaire biographique 1809-1908, volume 1, Paris, INRP-Éditions du CNRS, 1985, dictionnaire biographique 1909-1939, volume 2, Paris, INRP-Éditions du CNRS, 1986
Christophe Charle, Eva Telkes, Les professeurs du Collège de France, dictionnaire biographique 1901-1939, Paris, INRP-Éditions du CNRS, 1988
Christophe Charle, Eva Telkes, Les professeurs de la Faculté des sciences de Paris, dictionnaire biographique 1901-1939, Paris, INRP-Éditions du CNRS, 1989.
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Dominique Bourel

Director of the Centre de recherche français de Jérusalem

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