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Olivier Tourny
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1In 2012, the CRFJ team celebrated a happy occasion – the Center’s jubilee, received thrilling news – the support of the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation for the next three years, and suffered a terrible loss – the passing of Jean Perrot, founder of the CRFJ.

2In the last year, the joy of celebrating its sixtieth anniversary has been woven in the Center’s every activity. Sixty years in Jerusalem, almost as long as the State of Israel. Sixty years mean much in this region and in French research. The oldest French research center abroad is well established and it keeps growing. At the occasion of the festivities held in Jerusalem between June 25th-27th, the whole CRFJ team together with the French Embassy, the General Consulate in Jerusalem, and, of course, our partners in local universities and research institutes welcomed a sizeable delegation of CNRS executives headed by Mr. Xavier Inglebert, General Manager of Finances, as well as representatives of the MAE (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs), of the MESR (Ministry of Higher Education and Research), and of the French-Israeli High Council for Science. These days were all the more so unique since Jean Perrot, who created the CRFJ in 1952, enthusiastically participated in every planned event. At that occasion, our guests got better acquainted with our environment, understood its importance, and appraised the many projects undertaken at the CRFJ. As for us, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and our savoir-faire, and to present our current and future projects. The jubilee in Jerusalem thus enabled us to give a sense of life at the Center to the visitors who understood how dynamic its team and its research projects are.

3With perfect timing, less than a month before these festivities, we were officially informed of the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation’s support to the CRFJ students. Indeed, this prestigious foundation pledged to fund fifteen annual doctoral and post-doctoral grants over the next three years (2012-2015). This decision, taken by a foundation which had never supported research in the Social and Human Sciences nor any projects undertaken abroad, came as a heavenly surprise. The Center’s sixtieth anniversary and its location in Jerusalem may well have been determinant factors in its deserving such an exceptional award. This success is also the result of teamwork; it comes to acknowledge the quality of our work and shows the foundation’s faith in our ability to bring our projects to fruition.

4The year 2012 ended with the passing of our dear colleague and friend Jean Perrot, aged 92, on December 24th in Paris. This friend of Israel and honorary citizen of Be’er Sheva was the father of the French prehistoric archeology in the South Levant; his work greatly contributed to the influence of French research in the region. This pioneer left us. We will never forget his last visit with us in June 2012 and his joy to be in Jerusalem to celebrate with us the jubilee of the CRFJ, which he founded and headed for forty years. We will keep a vivid memory of Jean’s farewell and of this exceptional figure’s perceptiveness, culture, and sense of humor.

5Like last year’s issue, this issue of the Bulletin du CRFJ is made up of the proceedings of a symposium and of individual articles. This format has several advantages: it allows us to publish in good time the contributions made by participants at a conference held the previous year, while offering novice and experienced CRFJ researchers in various fields the opportunity to make their work known.

6This issue’s proceedings are the papers presented at an international symposium held at the CRFJ and at Tel Aviv University on November 7th and 8th, 2011, on the topic: “The Dynamics of Images in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” Under the editorial responsibility of Professor Jérôme Bourdon of the Communication Department at Tel Aviv University and of Frédérique Schillo, former post-doctoral researcher at the CRFJ, these thematic proceedings include fifteen articles and accounts authored by local and international journalists and by academics from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bar Ilan, Cornell, Konstanz, and London. The two editors will present the proceedings in the following introduction.

7The four remaining articles were written by four young yet experienced researchers. The quality of their papers is evidence of their expertise. For the Bulletin also serves this purpose: to be a platform for the innovative work of the rising generations who can then leave an indispensable trace of their work at the CRFJ.

8Cooperating, training, publishing are at the heart of our mission. This Bulletin is yet another product of these dynamics.

9I wish you a pleasant read.

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Olivier Tourny

Director of the CRFJ

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