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2022 – 4 “European agricultural systems and rural landscapes after the Covid19 pandemic: the rediscovery of agri-food sustainability versusland and financial speculation”

Guest editors: Maria Gemma Grillotti Di Giacomo, Luisa Spagnoli, Pierluigi De Felice

The extraordinary experience of the COVID 19 pandemic which is lived by all the countries of the world continues to fuel considerations and debates on the need to redefine and rebalance the “man-environment” relationship: a geographical paradigm par excellence, embodied and emblematically expressed in the forms of rural landscapes. As a matter of fact, with their variety, agricultural spaces provide everywhere and always, the exclusive relationship that each human community has been able to establish with the particular natural environment in which it has settled. Today, on one hand has been reaffirmed the essential function of the primary sector to ensure environmental sustainability and food safety and on the other hand more healthy housing patterns and lifestyles are rediscovered, mainly because it is an expression of the agricultural tradition. In this context, the geographer’s view is essential for planning measures to restore relations and landscapes in the agricultural world and for planning the post-pandemic economic and social rebirth in European countries. Having overcome, also thanks to the European Landscape Agreement, the constraint and conservative conception of the beauty of the countryside, we can finally interpret it as a collective biography of a man-environment relationship today, called to rebalance and heal the interrupted and/or worn one that unites man and the nature. As for the caring of the fields we must again entrust, together with the economic ones (satisfaction of primary needs, protection of natural resources, enhancement of renewable energy sources; development of tourism and niche markets; guarantee of all sustainable food production of quality), new functions that affect the ethical and aesthetic sphere of human action (conservation of animal and plant biodiversity, rediscovery of traditional farming techniques, enhancement of environmentally friendly exploitation models, preservation of the historical memory of local cultures). Authors, either applying the GECOAGRI-LANDITALY methodological itinerary and / or other theoretical-methodological geographical reference models, are invited to offer thoughts and proposals, possibly through example case studies, on the following topics:

  • Virtuous agricultural practices and historical rural landscapes: rediscover in order to renew

  • How to measure and how to interpret the current land concentration processes in Europe

  • Quality agri-food productions: the revenge of places and of cultivation and cultural traditions

  • From plate to field: a new itinerary to support sustainability

  • The COVID 19 pandemic experience and the rediscovery of the primary sector guaranteeing sustainability and food safety.

Responses to this call for proposal are waited for the end of October 2021, papers for the end of December. The proposals and the papers have to be sent to and to

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