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Supplément LVII | Mars 2008
Le pouvoir à l’âge des sultanats dans le Bilād al-Shām. Séminaire IFPO-ACOR, Amman 15-16 mai 2005

Supplément 2006-2007
Power in the age of sultanates in the Bilād al-Shām. Seminar ACOR-IFPO, Amman 15-16 May 2005
Edited by Bethany Walker and Jean-François Salles
Supplément 2006-2007
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Imprimé en Syrie. 106 p.
ISBN 978-2-35159-038-4

ACOR is pleased to support the publication of these papers developed from the seminar hosted at ACOR in Amman in May 2005 by IFPO and ACOR. At that time Pierre Bikai was director of ACOR and worked with the organizers to ensure a successful program. The five authors provide many insights into different aspects of this approximately six hundred year period. It should be noted that their varied styles of bibliographic referencing have been maintained. This monograph represents several stages of cooperation between the two research institutes in Amman.

Barbara A. Porter
Director ACOR
April 2007