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Born in December 1985, with the help of teachers Bartolomé Bennassar and Joseph Pérez, respectively directors of 30 GDR CNRS and GIS House Iberian country, Bulletin of Contemporary History of Spain took over the Bulletin the Research Department Hispanics Pau University (1971-1984). The Bulletin of Contemporary History of Spain has set a triple purpose:

  • propose a reflection on a monographic theme that may open new perspectives;

  • account of the latest research;

  • provide information to researchers interested in the Hispanic area.

At a time when the study of contemporary Spain takes an increasing share in the French Hispanism, it seems more necessary than ever to pursue this information and reflection work - on the border of the cultural and political - the construction of contemporary history, that is to say on the nature and rhythms of change process as well as on the implications of the language of modernity

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