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The Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale (BIFAO) is an annual periodical which publishes studies, in French, English and German, illustrating the most recent developments in the area of Egyptology, covering the various fields in that discipline (history, archaeology, art, philology, religion, etc.), from the Prehistoric period to the end of the Byzantine Period in Egypt.

Latest issue
116 | 2016

The Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale (BIFAO) covers the entire field of Egyptology and has done since its first edition in 1901. The BIFAO 116 unites 15 contributions, the chronology of which spreads from the Old Kingdom up to the Byzantine period and which illustrates the present state of research in the areas of archaeology, epigraphy, lexicography, iconography, religion and philology.

Editor's notes

Certains articles contiennent des hiéroglyphes qui ne s'affichent pas actuellement dans le format E-pub : Nouveaux textes littéraires du scribe Amennakhte (et autres ostraca relatifs au scribe de la Tombe), Consommation et proscription du miel en Égypte ancienne. Quand bj.t devient bw.t, The Votive Stela of the “Overseer of the Singers of the King” Nfr-rnpt (Egyptian Museum Cairo TR

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