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1As with our number 41 tenth anniversary issue, we publish here a full list of tables of contents, an author index and an article-title index covering the past ten years of the BMS. We analyze the contents of the articles using two different methods. This material constitutes the first "Ongoing Research" report, "Correspondence & Co-Word Analysis of Ten Years of BMS Articles (1993-2003)", by Karl M. van Meter, Philippe Cibois and Mathilde de Saint Léger. This issue also includes two research articles and another "Ongoing Research" report.

2The first research article is "Effects of Survey Experience on Respondents' Attitudes Towards Surveys", by Volker Stocké (University of Mannheim) and Bettina Langfeldt (University of Giessen), which analyzes how respondents' evaluations of past interview experiences affect their attitude towards surveys. The study compares the relative significance of the burden caused by interview participation, the "entertainment value" of an interview and the irritation due to confusing question wording. Mode of administration of the last interview, response latencies and cognitive accessibility of survey experiences are also examined.

3The second research article is "Renewing Field Work through Photography, Cooperation between an Ethnologist and a Photographer", by ethnologist, Béatrice Maurines (CNRS Lyon), and professional photographer, Angel Sanhueza, which presents a joint industrial anthropology project where photography and comments on photographs played a major role in revealing the invisible social structure and relations in a factory.

4The second "Ongoing Research" report is "Academy Colloquium on 'Creation and Returns of Social Capital. The State of the Art'", by Henk Flap and Beate Völker (Utrecht University), which describes this 30-31 October 2003 meeting in Amsterdam of fifty perons, presents the abstracts of the contributions, the addresses of the persons who presented a paper, and a short summary of discussions during the conference.

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