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1This issue of the Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique is not only number 80, but also the twentieth anniversary issue of the BMS. It includes the Fall 2003 newsletter of RC33, the Research Committee "Logic and Methodology" of the International Sociological Association (ISA), and information on RC33 membership and the 2004 RC33 conference in Amsterdam. Issue number 80 also includes two research articles (one in French and one in English) and one "Ongoing Research" report (in English).

2The first research article is "Victimisation Surveys and Knowledge of Delinquency", by Philippe Robert, Marie-Lys Pottier and Renée Zauberman (CESDIP - CNRS, Paris), which presents historical background on victimisation surveys and the contributions and limits of such surveys. It provides the basic structure for such questionnaires and various sample frameworks, and gives results based on a survey in the Paris region in 1998-2000, which are compared with related police statistics.

3The second research article is "The Allow-Forbid Asymmetry in Question Working - A New Look at an Old Problem", by Karl-Heinz Reuband (University of Düsseldorf), which tests this famous question-wording effect in a local survey in Germany including an extended-version questionnaire where the response alternatives are explicitly stated ("allow or not allow", "allow or forbid"). The original effect turns out be primarily due to one-sided question formulation without explicit alternatives, and specific wording a minor effect. Respondents with lower education are primary affected by the one-sided formulation, and higher-educated respondents by the wording itself.

4The "Ongoing Research" report is "The New Dutch ICS 2003-2008 Research Program", by the Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS) of the University of Groningen, Utrecht University and University of Nijmegen, which presents important changes at the ICS and the introduction of a Social Networks, Solidarity and Inequality research cluster, along with the full list of ICS Ph.D students and their thesis topics.

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