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1This issue of the BMS includes two research articles on survey response and non-response, plus a research article analyzing the Second Congress of the French Association of Sociology (AFS). The Fall 2006 issue of the Newsletter of RC33, the research committee “Logic and Methodology” of the International Sociological Association is also included.

2In the first research article, “An Inquiry into the Efficacy of a Complementary Training Session for Telephone Survey Interviewers”, Claire Durand, Marie-Eve Gagnon and Christine Doucet present an experiment in which a short cognitive training session was given to selected low performers and newly hired interviewers and the impact of the training was assessed through a post-training questionnaire two weeks later. The results show that trained interviewers felt that the training helped them understand sampling and the reasons for refusals, were more likely than high performers to feel that their performance had improved since the beginning of the project, were likely to go on working on the project after training longer than the control group, and improved their performance.

3In the second research article, “Integrating Exchange and Heuristic Theories of Survey Nonresponse”, John Goyder, Luc Boyer and Guil Martinelli look at theorizing about survey nonresponse by analyzing current usage in articles on survey nonresponse in leading journals, including the BMS. The relationship between social exchange theory and the theory of psychological heuristics for compliance is examined using a two-dimensional conceptual scheme with an axis "amount of decision-making" and an axis "strength of cultural factors", thus clarifying some of the confusion in theorizing about survey nonresponse.

4In the research note, “Brief Socio-Graph of the Second AFS Congress in Bordeaux in September 2006”, Gérard Boudesseul provides a preliminary analysis, with two different methods, of the abstracts of presentations made at the Second Congress of the Association Française de Sociologie (AFS), and compares them with those of the First AFS Congress published in the BMS, n. 85, January 2005.

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