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1This is a special thematic issue of the BMS dedicated to the topic of Interviewers/Data Quality. We presented this project in the “Ongoing Research” section of the preceding issue of the BMS (Karl M. van Meter, “Studying Survey Interviewers: A Call for Research and an Overview”). That presentation resulted in several responses and most of the contributions published in this issue. The project remains “Ongoing Research” and further contributions are welcomed.

2The first research article, "Absence of Rigor in Opinion Polls: Lessons Learned from Experience”, by Patrick Che and Jean-Pierre Pagès, statistically analyzes survey data to examine the performance and behavior of interviewers, thus identifying problems in data collection and the way polling firms operate.

3The second research article, "Indelicate Behavior and Lack of Rigor in Polling: Investigation Among Polling Professionals”, by Fabienne Pagès, Marianne Tribel and Alexis Bonis- Charancie, picks up where the previous articles left off and interviews in-depth those interviewers whose performance raised questions, producing a detailed portrait of the polling business and its weaknesses.

4The third research article, “Interviewer and Survey Researcher: Mutual Dependencies”, by Johannes van der Zouwen, analyzes the interplay between survey standardization and interviewer behavior – particularly interview “repair” behavior ­ to find out if the interviewer is an aid or an obstacle to obtaining unbiased and comparable data.

5The “Ongoing Research” section is a single report including presentations of three different projects related to the topic Interviewer/Data Quality. The first is Lilli Japec’s research presented in her thesis/book, Quality Issues in Interview Surveys: Some Contributions. The second (in French) is Geraldine Vivier and the French Institut National des Etudes Démographiques (INED) research project on the profession of survey interviewer. The third is Annette Scherpenzeel and Olivier Lipps’ work on “Interviewer Effects in the Swiss Household Panel Survey”. There is also a sub-section on “Other Resources and References”.

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