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The BMS (Bulletin of Sociological Methodology) is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal specialized in all aspects of sociological methodology, and publishing in both English and French.

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Latest issue
100 | 2008

Editor's notes

Étant donné le vif intérêt suscité par le dossier consacré ici à la critique du classement des revues scientifiques par l’AERES, le BMS a décidé de le rendre immédiatement disponible dans sa version originale française. 
Le débat continue sur

Due to a major public demand for the BMS dossier on the official French AERES and its contested recent ranking of scientific journals, the BMS has decided to make the entire dossier immediately available at in its original French version. Interested parties can request a corrected and readable machine-translated English version of the Ongoing Research dossier on the AERES by sending an email request to

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