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Editorial Policy

Brésil(s). Sciences humaines et sociales publishes original articles in French. Each edition is made up of a thematic dossier (four to six titles), directed by an international team, and miscellaneous articles (three or four titles), selected from among those received by the journal, accompanied by a series of academic reviews. All articles are evaluated anonymously by ad hoc external experts. Members of the editorial committee are not allowed to publish in the journal. Brésil(s) appears twice a year, in May and November.

Dossier projects are to be submitted to the editorial committee for examination, with preference usually shown for projects submitted by international teams. Selected proposals may be amended during a discussion between the editorial committee and the dossier coordinators. Articles may be chosen via a call for papers or solicitation but, in all cases, they will be examined in their original language by the editorial committee, then, if accepted, passed on to at least two ad hoc expert reviewers for evaluation. In cases where modifications are requested, the editorial committee will verify that these are done in agreement with the reviewers. Where necessary, translations are carried out by or in liaison with the journal, once the article has been definitively accepted.

Articles received directly by the journal for its miscellaneous section will first be subjected to examination by the editorial committee. Authors will be informed of the decision reached. If an article is selected for evaluation, it will be sent anonymously, in its original language, to at least two ad hoc reviewers. Authors will be informed immediately upon receipt of the reviewers’ decisions and suggestions. Following any modifications, the article will be examined for a second time by the editorial committee, who will make a decision regarding its definitive acceptance in consultation with the reviewers, where necessary. Translations will be carried out by or in agreement with the journal, following the article’s definitive acceptance.

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