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N°20 – Portuguese Brazil in its colonial context: new approaches to Lusitanian imperial history in tribute to AJR Russell-Wood

Issue - November 2021

• Jean Hébrard (EHESS e Johns Hopkins University),
• Erin Rowe (Johns Hopkins University),
• Jean-Frédéric Schaub (EHESS)

The history of the Portuguese empire and of the particularly important place that Brazil occupies in it has been marked by an international dialogue between Portuguese and Brazilian researchers on one side and Anglophone, especially British, researchers on the other. At Oxford, Boxer and his students--one of whom, AJR Russell-Wood subsequently spent his entire career at Johns Hopkins--privileged the imperial approach. The present issue proposes to focus on the new axes of research of a colonial history which, in this tradition, is no longer content to be only Luso-Brazilian. It envisions Brazil in the light of an imperial project whose horizons--the Atlantic and the Pacific--necessitated the invention of news and durable political, economic, and social models. This project also required actors capable of implementing and inhabiting it. Taking this perspective, new studies have shifted their attention from the fidalgos sent overseas by the crown to the "creoles" on the ground (sometimes because they were born there, often in families that ignored racial distinctions, sometimes because they had been settled there for a long time) who gave form to these spaces. It is from these perspectives, the heuristic dimension of which AJR Russell-Wood anticipated, that the articles published in this issue approach Brazil and the Portuguese colonial world.

Deadline for submission of articles: August 31, 2020


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Planisphere de Alberto Cantino, 1502 (Biblioteca Estense, Modena, Itália)

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