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Brésil(s). Sciences humaines et sociales is a French and French-language journal on Brazil. Brésil(s) is edited by the Centre de Recherches sur le Brésil Colonial et Contemporain (CRBC-Mondes Américains/EHESS), published by Editions de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, and is supported by the Institute of Human and Social Sciences of CNRS. This biannual publication, open to all disciplines, aims to showcase a range of themes and approaches, with particular emphasis on comparative viewpoints. It attempts to (re)position Brazil, and the country's history, society, and spaces, within broader perspectives derived from theoretical debates and empirical research, capable of renewing analysis and perception. Each edition is made up of a thematic dossier and a miscellaneous section, both composed of original, unpublished articles.

Latest issue
1 | 2018
Comprendre la crise au Brésil

Coord. par Maud Chirio, Christine Douxami, Anaïs Fléchet et Sébastien Rozeaux
Comprendre la crise au Brésil-Hors Série n°1
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Credits : Photos : Damião Photos "Globo no muro" / Couv. : K. Penalba & M. Isthtar de Luca
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