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Selection process

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The selection process includes two phases. The first phase is aimed at determining the admissibility of the manuscript. The second consists in the peer review itself.

First phase: admissibility

The original manuscript submitted by the author is read by at least one member of the editorial staff. The senior editor sends the initial remarks to the author who is then asked to provide a final version.

Second phase: peer review

This journal uses a double blind peer review. The manuscript is submitted anonymously to at least two peer reviewers, chosen according to their competence in the discipline or subject of the article.

The senior editor shares the peers' observations with the author, and sends a copy of the report if necessary. In some cases, the author is asked to revise his or her text and/or respond to the remarks made by the peers.

The revised manuscript is sent as soon as possible to the senior editor, with the modifications clearly indicated (track changes function, highlighting, an accompanying document, etc). This process is repeated until the reviewers and the editorial staff have accepted the manuscript.

The editorial staff may refuse the manuscript at any time during this process if it does not meet the publication's standards, based on the opinion of the peer reviewers.

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