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Submissions (Permanent Call for Papers)

Appel à articles permanent

Biens symboliques / Symbolic Goods welcomes submissions to be published bi-annually, on line and in open access. Proposals can be answers to thematic calls for papers regularly posted on the journal website, as well as contributions to its many sections or as miscellany.


Papers will present original research on the production, promotion, circulation or reception of symbolic goods —arts, culture, sciences, ideas, etc.— set in their social space. Whether they are praised or ordinary, highly visible or invisible, they should be grasped through their various social uses. Papers will tackle cultural products or political ideas, as well as non-professional activities, digital productions, media discourse, or the various elements of lifestyles (clothing, habitat, food, etc.). One of the journal’s specificities being to try and capture cultural activity as collective production involving multiple interests, contributors are invited not to limit themselves to the traditional figures of artists, intellectuals or scientists, but to consider the many people who, whatever the form, participate in producing, circulating and appropriating symbolic goods.

Papers may relate to one of the various disciplines of the humanities such as sociology, history, anthropology, political science, information and communication science, art history, literature, economics, film studies, musicology, etc. Papers will rely on clearly exposed empirical data, presenting the field, the collection of data or sources, as well as the methods used: archives, interviews, observation, quantitative analysis, speech or image analysis, etc. Contributors will be required to set the research exposed in perspective with the existing scientific literature and works. All submissions will have to include at least one copyright-free image chosen by the contributor, and, if needed audio and/or video documents, maps illustrating substance.

All papers submitted are subject to a double-blind peer review by a member of the Editorial Board as well as an outside assessor. Articles submitted to Biens Symboliques / Symbolic Goods should be an original piece of work, not been published before and not being considered for publication elsewhere in its final form either in printed or electronic form.

Papers accepted for publication in the miscellany section or in thematic issues will be translated and published in French and in English.

To contribute, please:

Send the full paper and anonymous paper—up to 60,000 characters, including spaces and notes);

Add a separate page with a brief introduction of the contributor with, if needed, affiliation and discipline;

Follow the Publishing Standards provided on the website;

Address them to

Contributions to Sections

Contributions to the following journal sections are also welcome:

The Library Section welcomes crossed reviews on books recently published and sharing a common issue. Contributors can also submit reflexions on the history and reception of key works in the various disciplines and fields covered by the journal. Provided they offer researchers, whose works have acted as landmarks for the production and reception of symbolic goods, a means of questioning their intellectual affiliations and life stories, interviews of such researchers can also be submitted.

In the Research in Translation Section, translators, culture professionals, academics or researchers used to working with different languages are invited to explain their translation choices, ways of doing things, with added reflexivity. Such contributions will thus provide further ground for thought to one of the key issues dealt with by the journal: The transnational circulation of texts and ideas.

In the Classroom and Beyond Section papers and documents on teaching and how social science results on culture and ideas circulate outside the academic world and are being publicly discussed. Papers should expose the narratives and analyses of in-class teaching experiences so as to help develop didactic methods linked to specific works and audiences: students, mainstream audiences, artists, cultural mediators, etc.

Biens symboliques / Symbolic Goods is not only addressing culture professionals it widely opens up the journal to them through its On the Job Section. This section welcomes papers, interviews or round tables dedicated to professional practices in the arts, sciences or cultural mediation and outreach.

Two types of papers can be submitted to the Perspectives Section: Studies or articles on approaches developed abroad in the social sciences on arts, culture or intellectual life and which remain little known; the first results of studies being carried out by researchers who work at the crossroads of different disciplines.

To contribute, please:

Send a half-page long anonymous Statement of intent to be examined by the Editorial Board;

Add a separate page with a brief introduction of the contributor and, if needed, affiliation and discipline;

Once the Statement of Intent is accepted, send the full paper —up to 30,000 characters including spaces and notes;

Follow the Publishing Standards provided on the website;

Address them to

The editorial board

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