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123-1 | 2021
La forma de vida cortesana en la literatura de la Edad Media y el Siglo de Oro

Usages de cour dans la littérature du Moyen Âge au Siècle d’Or
Court usages in the Middle Ages and Golden Century literature
Tome 123 - numéro 1 - juin 2021
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Credits: ©Photographic Archive Museo Nacional del Prado
ISBN 979-10-300-0697-1

The present volume groups together fourteen articles focusing on Court usages and their literary representation, from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era. Reading the gathered studies will allow one to understand the links forged between Medieval courtesy and manners in use at Court in the Modern era. These codes of behaviour, a distinctive feature for the Aristocracy, had become an example to follow for the man in the street. By shading light on the contexts determining them in every era, this issue thus offers a kind of evolutive itinerary of Court usages that explains the transformations certain literary works underwent throughout the centuries.

Editor’s notes

Avec le soutien de l’Université Bordeaux Montaigne et de l’Université de Jaén.
Con el apoyo de la Universidad Bordeaux Montaigne y de la Universidad de Jaén.


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