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115-1 | 2013
Poésie et société en Espagne : 1650-1750

Bordeaux les 13 et 14 novembre 2011
Poesía et sociedad en España: 1650-1750
Tome 115 - n° 1 - Juin 2013
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ISBN 978-2-86781-898-1

The symposium “Poetry and Society in Spain: 1650-1750” that took place in Bordeaux, on October 13th and 14th 2011, gathered young doctoral students as well as seasoned researchers from the Spanish research group under the direction of Pedro Ruiz Pérez and the French group Ameriber. Papers encompassed a large and various set of themes: monographic studies upon works or authors - Conde de Rebolledo, Fernando de la Torre Farfán, Diego Torre de Villarroel, etc. – studies upon convent poetry, competitions and academies, formation of a literary field, advertising in printing, metric in theatre or verse epistles.