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118-1 | 2016
La Guerre Civile espagnole aujourd'hui (1936-2016)

La Guerra Civil española hoy (1936-2016)
Bulletin Hispanique - Tome 118 - n° 1 - juin 2016
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Credits: Autorisation de l’artiste
400 pages
ISBN 979-10-300-0058-0

The works composing this volume show how the Spanish Civil War was a decisive event in the individual and collective experience, in Spain as in France. Its imprint stays in the present because it survived, through their heirs and collective memory, those who were its players. Many controversies stay open, the opening of archives or interpretation of facts for instance, as a consequence of a badly closed war in its time, amplified by Franco’s dictatorship, ill negotiated by the political transition to democracy. On a historiographical plane, it is a continuously actualized step through academic debates to which those that went with social movements were added, some of them included in this issue.

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