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About the journal

Focus and Scope

Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia (CadernosAA or “Journal of Art & Anthropology”) is an annual peer-reviewed journal focusing on the contact zones between the social sciences and the arts. The journal publishes ‘conventional’ scientific articles as well as other contribution types (textual, audiovisual or multimedia) that don’t normally fit within the established rules of academic publishing, this provided that they are apt to make a significant contribution to the debate on and the questioning of the borders of the scientific and the artistic, the analytic and the synthetic, the visual and the textual. We want to be a forum for: (a) visual artists whose work encounters ethnography, anthropology or sociology on a conceptual and/or methodological level; and (b) social scientists who seek proximity to the visual as an empirical, conceptual and experiential sphere. The journal gives preference to contributions which demonstrate a clear anthropological or sociological focus in methodological, conceptual, empirical or theoretical terms. Submissions that do not fit within these fields will still be considered by the editorial board if of outstanding quality.

We accept articles in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

The journal aims to put into practice the idea drawn from the so-called anthropological ‘crises of representation’: opening up the boundaries established by academic writing considered to be the restrictive outcome of a misleading concept of ‘objectivity’, at the same time overcoming the cleavage between ‘description’ and ‘analysis’ that has often come to cause disregard in relation to different representational forms of knowledge within the established and institutionalized sciences. Visual Anthropology has played a particularly decisive role within this context. However, its promising experiments – which generated not only a ‘New Wave’ in cinematic forms, but also the reassessment of ‘classical’ anthropological theory – require an open and diverse space to be able to foster an effective dialogue between the praxis and theory of an anthropology of/with images.

Notwithstanding, this is not a journal exclusively or preferably dedicated to visual anthropologists. CadernosAA intends to be a forum which turns public ‘classical’ ethnographies as much as those ethnographies which normally do not fit neatly into the frameworks of academic publishing. On that note, CadernosAA opens up its pages for the established and transboundary genres of representation, independently of the medium through which those seek to give expression to ethnographic insights.

Peer Review Process

All submission will strictly be subject to a double-blind peer review process.

Open Access Policy

The journal offers free and unlimited access to all its contents.






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