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A Look upon Africa: Narratives and Images

Guest editors: Emiliano Dantas (CRIA-ISCTE) & Joana D`Arc Lima (UNILAB)

Deadline: 28/02/2022. Accepted languages for submissions: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French

This special issue of Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia is dedicated to academic and artistic research on/through photographic images, from a critical and decolonial point of view, focused on the African continent. We welcome proposals from researchers, activists and artists who work on the social reality of Africa and the African Diaspora, and are engaged in the critique of post/colonialism and structural racism. The proposal goes beyond the productions of ethnographic or documentary photography, contemplating, among others, photojournalism, research on photographic archives, and other possible interfaces that contribute to multifaceted readings of the African world.

We aim to bring together works produced by researchers, activists, artists, curators and art educators that are particularly attentive to the politics of the image and its representations, in view of history, memory and identities. At the same time, we are interested in discussing the choices, resources, networks, negotiations and clashes involved in such productions, in relation to their physical, symbolic, aesthetic and political displacements. Among others, we welcome proposals dealing with:

  • Africa’s colonial heritage and its images

  • Photography and (anti-)racism, (de-)coloniality and (de-)colonisation

  • Photography as a visual narrative of the African Diaspora

  • African photography as political representation

  • Art, activism and politics through the photographic image

  • The use of photography in collaborative and educational processes

All contributions should be submitted online and follow the rules for submission indicated on the journal’s website ( Please check the journal’s Section Policies. Prospective contributors with questions regarding the potential suitability of topics, editorial expectations, or any other questions with regard to this special issue are invited to contact the Guest Editors directly by email to

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