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Politics and poetics of expressions of sensible forms: performance, images and sounds

Guest editors: Andrea Barbosa (UNIFESP), Catarina Alves Costa (NOVA-FCSH) e Edgar Teodoro da Cunha (UNESP)

Deadline: 31/01/2023. Accepted languages for submissions: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French

This forthcoming special issue aims to reframe the idea of the image as a representation of the world, discussing the possible relations between art and anthropology. A possible starting point is Ranciére’s idea of “aesthetic efficacy”. For Ranciére (2012), “aesthetic efficacy” is established through the suspension of representative purposes. We propose to reflect on images that are political not (only) for conveying a political message, but because they hold the power to construct and reconfigure regimes of visibility and discursive orders. They are political for their capacity to generate new poetics which, in turn, entail new forms of sharing the sensitive, distancing itself from the idea of a representativity in which the sensitive is understood as a “natural” image of things. Art and anthropology are both aesthetically and politically effective, as they mobilise a number of complex sets of relations. As much as Ranciére (2009) speculates on a "relational art" that does not seek to create artworks but situations and relationships, we are looking for anthropologies that are genuinely built on the relationships they mobilize, and the knowledge which they share.

For submission rules and section policies see the journal’s website ( Questions regarding the suitability of topics, editorial expectations, etc. may be directed to the guest editors (

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