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Cahiers des Amériques latines is a reference publication in the international Latin Americanist landscape since the late 1960s. Open to all human and social sciences, the journal is a medium for the transmission of academic knowledge, but also a space for reflection and debate on Latin American.

Latest issue
102 | 2023
Bicentenaires latino-américains : politiques officielles et nouvelles voix dans l'arène festive

Bicentenarios latinoamericanos: políticas oficiales y nuevas voces en la arena festiva
Latin American Bicentennials: Official Policies and New Voices in the Public Celebrations
Bicentenários latino-americanos: políticas oficiais e novas vozes na arena festiva

This dossier aims to provide, through four national case studies and two binational comparisons, a series of innovative analyses of how social groups historically marginalized in the narratives on national identity have positioned themselves, negotiated, or disputed their place in the Bicentennial commemorations of several Latin American countries. The six studies also investigate how these actors have been represented, discursively and visually, in the official celebration programs conceived by national and subnational governments. Adopting an intersectional perspective, each article explores a specific identity and social issue: the place of native peoples and Afro-descendants, women's movements, and in the Peruvian case, youth movements. The main question this dossier addresses is: What was the impact that the changes experienced by Latin America in the last twenty years in terms of expansion of rights and recognition policies, and of the reactions to these demands, had on the way the nation represents itself in its most important anniversaries?

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