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The journal Caliban was created in 1964. Entitled Anglophonia/Caliban from 1997 to January 2014 (alternating with the journal of linguistics Anglophonia/Sigma, with one issue a year), it took its original title Caliban again in 2014. There are two issues per year. It is devoted to the literatures and civilisations of English-speaking countries (British Isles, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Caribbean Islands, etc...). Every issue is thematic and favours recent research in the fields of literature, civilisation and visual arts. It offers young searchers the opportunity to have their research known.

Front page illustration: “Turtle Island, seen from the mouth of the Three-Rivers”, original wood engraving, drawn by Th. Weber, from a sketch by Luis Antonio, in Edgar La Selve, La république d’Haïti, ancienne partie française de Saint-Domingue, Le tour du monde, 1871.

Latest issue
61 | 2019
Écrits et cris de la terre dans le monde anglophone

Land’s Furrows and Sorrows in Anglophone Countries
Couverture Caliban 61 | 2019
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Credits : La Palouse, © Scott Slovic

The texts presented in this issue of Caliban show the land as writing but also the suffering planet, the land wounded by human actitivities, and the land defended, particularly by texts. The land appears as a palimpsest, and agriculture may be seen as a form of writing, in travel books, in novels or in poems. The transformations of landscapes appear as reflections of history, the myths of First Nations appear as a reflection of the living Earth; the pen and the tool are united through poets’ perception of the Land. The land also heals its inhabitants and the writing of the Earth also appears in tracks: animal tracks as memory of the land. Migrations, roots and uprooting, freedom and stolen lands are political visions of the land writing its story and history. The writing and voices of the nonhuman world are tackled in several texts. Among the powerful texts appearing in this issue, we can mention an unpublished text by Scott Slovic, the co-founder of the international organization ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment), an unpublished essay bu Nigerian poet and scholar Niyi Osundare, as well as several of his poems in English and in their French translation.

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