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21 | 2007
Divergences et convergences

Edited by Xavier Pons and Phlippe Birgy
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ISBN 9782858169016

Throughout the postcolonial world (however defined), a plurality of cultures coexist within the same political spaces. This coexistence can be more or less harmonious. It often results in tensions, incompatibilities and conflicts, but it is also a source of enrichment which opens up new horizons. Besides, it should be seen not as a static, immutable reality but as a dynamic and perhaps dialectical process involving tendencies to both divergence and convergence.

The texts gathered in this volume examine those tendencies, as well as their outcomes, within geopolitical contexts that range from Australia to Canada through New Zealand, the Caribbean or southern Africa. Each context is a specific one, shedding specific light on the common problematics and making it possible to grasp its every tonality, all the more since the analyses developed here deal with literary as well as social or political issues. Thus is unveiled a complex and nuanced panorama whose perspectives allow a better understanding of the contemporary postcolonial world.

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