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55 | 2016
La planète en partage

Sharing the Planet
Edited by Françoise Besson, Aurélie Guillain and Wendy Harding
La planète en partage
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16 x 24 cm - 300 p.
ISBN 978-2-8107-0449-1

To share the planet is first of all to divide it up with the aim of taking possession of it. Another question concerns what should be shared between the members of a community as well as between humans and non-humans. The first articles collected in this volume look back at different moments in modern history when it seemed necessary to go beyond an anthropocentric vision of how to inhabit the planet. Then, considerations of different definitions of habitat emphasize the multiplicity of relations that define the act of inhabiting a place, whether it has to do with relations between ecosystems or between human beings. The third part concerns the relations among the species and in particular examines what we share with other animals. A final cluster of essays investigates the debate over the preservation of natural habitats and the value of wilderness sanctuaries in North American culture. These essays deal with the imaginary as well as with historical and geographical reality through interdisciplinary approaches to the concept of sharing, a concept that is fundamental to ethics, politics and science.

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