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59 | 2018
Les Rencontres de l’humain et du non-humain dans la littérature de voyage et d’exploration anglophone

Anglophone Travel and Exploration Writing: Meetings Between the Human and Nonhuman
Edited by Irina Kantarbaeva-Bill
Couverture Caliban 59 - 2018
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16 x 24 cm - 316 p.
ISBN 978-2-8107-0582-5

Does the interest of travellers in the nonhuman world allow the travel narrative to be regarded as an example of environmental literature? Do travellers, explorers and mountaineers reveal in their texts a real awareness of the vital interconnection between the human world and the nonhuman, animal, plant or mineral worlds? The articles presented in this volume will try to answer these questions and, through literary and various geographical and scientific works, will show that consciousness and mindfulness are at the core of the perception of the world which surrounds us. Among scholars and writers, who summon both literature and history, pedagogy and teaching of travel writing, geography and exploration, botany and physical sciences, Kev Reynolds, British author of more than forty travel guides and travelogues about the mountains of the world, and Scott Slovic, American specialist in Environmental Literature and Ecoriticism, urge us to turn our cultural attention back from the specifically human realm to the wider, other-than-human, living environment.

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