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58 | 2017
Le pays méditerranéen en profondeur

The Mediterranean and its Hinterlands
Edited by Helen Goethals and Isabelle Keller-Privat
Couverture du n°58 | 2017
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16 x 24 cm - 412p.
ISBN 978-2-8107-0561-0

The point of departure of these selected studies was the proposition that much of what brings the Mediterranean world to life, whether that world be imaginary or real, comes from the paths that lead to it. In other words, our understanding of this much-studied region is altered if we start out, not from an inland sea, but from the lands surrounding that sea, from the hinterlands, from the blurred margins which both distinguish and soften its contours. The authors in this collection, which brings together academics from Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and France, have traced the itineraries of those who have travelled towards and away from the Mediterranean. The variety of critical readings and the diversity of the documents studied raise questions about how a given space is conceptualized, and affirm the need for a geography that is both human and mythical, one which accounts for how people cohabit in a shared cultural space.

The work should interest both the general public and an academic audience keen to understand the historical, cultural and aesthetic values of the Mediterranean world, through the history and literature of those writers who, once upon a time, set out in search of the Mediterranean.

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